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Just a word about WordPress and why it is our preferred platform.


What is a platform?

To understand what a ‘platform’ is in webdesign terms, it’s probably best likened to the chassis of a car.  Now a chassis forms the basic shape but without a body it looks nothing so on our platform we put a ‘theme’ or a ‘page builder’.  The page builder can take various shapes in the same way that a chassis can take various bodies.  At one time the Ford Mondeo was on the same chassis as the Jaguar.  Then the body may require different upholstery or even hand stitched leather.  In website terms that means we might add plugins or extensions to our page builder.  So with these three basics, the platform, the page builder and the extensions we can handcraft a website that will be exclusively yours.

The chances are you’ve not heard of it and yet amazingly enough WordPress is behind almost 100 million or 35% of all websites around the world.  It’s also behind 59% of all ecommerce sites as well. And it’s increasing that percentage all the time as more and more website owners are changing over and asking designers to use WordPress for their next website.  More than one third of website owners cannot be wrong.

Very simply that means that WordPress is becoming the standard but no two sites will look alike as its open source software means it can be adapted to look the way you want it – to represent the shop window of your organisation. Just look at our portfolio to see what we mean.

So, it’s not only the most popular and the most reliable but it also has the easiest of CMS (content management systems) meaning with our personalised training programme lasting under one hour, you will be able to edit it yourself – change text and images at will.

Now, couple that with superfast hosting, site encryption and a sensibly priced package and you have the perfect answer for your website.

What about individually developed platforms

Now just the other day we saw one of our competitors extolling the virtues of their own home built platform and how it would do everything that WordPress would do but surely that gives an immediate problem.  What happens if they fail to give you the promised service?  What happens if they should cease business?  They are the only people who understand their platform and the only people who have the ‘key’.  When you have a WordPress site, you can go to more than any one of a dozen designers here in Norfolk, let alone hundreds across the country, and any one of them could handle your problem or query or updates.  And that means we have to work even harder to ensure you don’t leave us – but that’s the way we like it.


That’s why we build our websites on WordPress.

More Information?

Need more information without obligation then call us today while it’s fresh in your mind, ask for Brian, or if it’s out of hours then complete the contact form and we’ll respond just as soon as we re-open for business.  No obligation and no jargon.