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How We Work

This is all about web design and how we go about it. The first thing we needto do is to learn about your business and so we do a lot of listening at this stage.  If you’re nearby in Norfolk or north Suffolk you can always come along to see us or we can come along to see you.  Having said that, face to face conversations are not that essential – we’re pretty good with telephone calls as well and video calls can also play their part.  The important thing is that the choice is yours.

Whichever way your project is handled, our aim is to come up with ideas that will set your website design at a level above the competition.  Your website is your ‘shop window’ and we will ensure it’s well dressed and looks its best.

So, what is the procedure and how does it all work?  Well, typically you will get in touch and explain what it is you have in mind.

1. Website Design Concept

Having listened carefully to you and having asked a number of questions we will have a clear idea of what it is you want.  We will also have some ideas of how to get your thoughts and ideas published by way of a website.

It may be of course that you know exactly what it is you want.  In that case we will follow your ideas and design.  If you are not totally certain although have some rough ideas then we will be pleased to offer our thoughts and experience until you are happy with the proposal.  And, if you have no idea at all what it is you want and how to get started then you join the ranks of many of our clients and we are here to help.  We’re certain you’ll like what we come up with and if not just say and we’ll do it all over again.  You’ll also find our websites look good on everything from desktop computers to smartphones.

2. Images, Text & Branding

Images for a website design are all important but if you are uncertain as to either the text or the images then we can assist.  We can write the text for you and/or we can take images for you with our professional grade cameras and lenses.  We also have access to a vast stock library where we can normally download suitable images should you need them.  This can be very useful and very affordable too in the right circumstances.

Because we are keen photographers with a full range of professional lenses and camera equipment, up to date images of premises, for example, is not a problem.

You may already have a logo but if not then that’s something we can handle for you.

3. Written Quotation

We will write to you very quickly in order to confirm our discussion just as soon as we have this level of detail.  This will ensure no misunderstanding and give you a firm written quote.  The quote for your website design will not alter unless of course your requirements alter.  We will always advise you of any additional costs in advance should they occur.

4. Creating the Site

We will set about your website design incorporating either your text and your images or our text and images as directed by you as soon as we know you are happy with the quotation

At this stage we will put the site on line privately so only you and your chosen friends can now review it. You can then advise of any tweaks in the design until you are perfectly happy with the result.

Once you are quite happy we can then think about going live and this is when we invoke our special built in SEO program.  The site will be refined for Keywords, Site Description and Page Titles for the best possible results in all search engines.

We will give you a short training session once the website is live.  That’s all it needs, and you will then be free* to add, amend or delete text and images by yourself thereby keeping the site up to date.  If you prefer us to do this work for you than that’s no problem and any small changes we would carry out for free anyway.
* Premier Plus sites and above.

5. How long will all this take?

Well, once we have all the relevant details from you which includes your chosen domain name, the text and images you want, then the first draft should be available for you to see within no longer than a few days.  The final design will usually be ready to go live within 14 working days.

But, it all depends on you – the quicker you can get the information to us, the quicker we can respond.

6. What's Next?

Well, let’s get the ball rolling – just pick up the phone and call 01953 433 899 (ask for Brian) and we can talk it through.  No obligation.  Following the phone call we will write to you and you then have time to think it over at your leisure.