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How Much Does a Website Cost?

“How much does a website cost?” is a phrase that’s on most people’s minds when they consider having a website created.  After all, the cost of a website is an important factor where start up and medium sized enterprises are concerned.

So why is it so difficult to get an answer to what is apparently so easy a question?  Well, that depends who’s asking and who’s trying to avoid giving the answer. I suspect for a number of web designers they don’t willingly publish their prices because it depends on a number of things.  For example, how much do they think you can afford.  I know that’s not a kind thing to say but unfortunately it’s very often true.  It also may depend on the source of the business.  If the source is through an agency – one of those companies who promise to find you the “best web designer in your area”.  Well they don’t do that for free.  Someone has to pay for that introduction and it will almost certainly be the last man in the chain – that’s you, the customer.  Whereas all it should depend on is how much work is involved.

The Extras!

Then of course there’s the ‘extras’.  The domain name, the email addresses the SSL certificate (SSL is confirmation that your site is encrypted – so important these days) and the cost of hosting.  Then what fancy bits do you need for example, a form for customers to fill in or a slider for the front page, in fact everything can be an extra. 

Or you can have a website where you pay monthly, perhaps as little as £40.00 per month, every month for ever.  How much does that cost when it’s never ending? But I digress. the question is “how much does a website cost?” and for Caston Web Designs the answer is as transparent as it can be.  All our package prices are on this website for all to see.  Everything is included apart from a logo which is extra and the hosting which is charged annually by most companies but here it can be paid monthly and the cost of that is around £4.00 per month + vat.

If you’re interested in getting a fair price for a top quality website then take a look at our pricing page.  Like what you see? Then give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling.