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Search Engine Optimisation

Built in to all websites will be a considerable amount of SEO or search engine optimisation to ensure you are easily found by Google and other search engines.  That fact applies to all our websites where we have a software program which is literally plugged in to your website to ensure we get the very best results from the words and images on and within your website.  Although in most cases you will supply the text for the pages, we will ensure the words used are dealt with in the best possible way, optimised in fact, for SEO results and what better way to do that than to utilise a software package made for the purpose.

These are just some of the SEO factors we check:

  • All page links will be tested to ensure they lead to a correctly formulated page or website.
  • We will ensure wherever possible that the focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the copy.
  • We will ensure the focus keyword is of sufficient density within the text to be recognised as a keyword without being repeated too often and therefore considered spam..
  • We will set a meta description to contain the focus keyword.
  • We will ensure a meta description is of a proper length so not to be truncated.
  • We will endeavour to have the focus keyword appear in as many subheadings as possible.
  • We will ensure the alt attributes of images contain the focus keyword.
  • We will encourage or write text to ensure a minimum of 300 words per page minimum.
  • We will always have search engine friendly page titles with a suitable length that fits well with the page content and heading.
  • Focus keywords will where possible be unique to the page they refer to.

Your site will provide you with statistics so you will know the numbers of visitors and the number of page hits you are getting as well.  When your site appears on Google or Bing they do so with words from your website.  We will show you how you can control the words that Google or other search engines actually display – to coin a phrase; you can take back control.

And we also submit your website pages to the main search engines which includes Google of course.  This means earlier recognition in the search engine rankings.